Enano 1.1.7 released

The Enano team is extremely proud to announce the release of Enano version 1.1.7, the latest beta in our ongoing progress towards Enano 1.2.0, the next generation of Enano. With this release, we are switching the recommended branch for general public use over to the 1.2 series from the 1.0 series. This means that we consider Enano 1.2 stable enough at this point for general public use, although we still do not recommend it in mission critical environments. Release notes are in the usual place.

Enano 1.1.7 represents roughly the third anniversary of the project. Yes, we totally missed the actual anniversary in September, and yes, we'll do something cool for the fifth birthday when it rolls around. I was too busy kicking off college to do something funny/cool/witty/whatever this year.

This release also marks the debut of our Google Code-powered issue tracker. We urge you to report any issues you find so that subsequent releases can be of higher quality. As indicated in our development roadmap (lovingly buried somewhere in the news archive), the Enano team's focus from this point out is bugfixes, refinements and general polishing. That process depends a lot on community involvement. Whether you're a webmaster or a developer, there's never been a better time to jump into the world of Enano.

What else is there to say? Go grab a copy and let us know what you think of it.

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