Enano CMS BitNami stack released

The Enano team is proud to introduce a new level of integration and a much more simplified approach to trying out Enano in a test - or even production - environment. Thanks to the folks at BitNami.org and Neal Gompa, an Enano module is now available. BitNami stacks are cross-platform, pre-configured versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL; Enano's module allows installing Enano on these stacks with just a couple of clicks.

The package is based on Enano CMS 1.1.6. We worked with the BitNami guys to help make this possible and want to thank them publicly for their support for the development of the very first externally developed BitNami module.

Due to the fact that BitNami (and thus the Enano module installer) is based partially on proprietary and closed-source software, the Enano project will not be providing any support for this module. When filing bug reports, we ask users to mention if they are using the BitNami module. This won't give you reduced support if we think it's an issue with the BitNami module, but it will allow us to identify a potential problem area. Issues with the installer should be reported to BitNami. Neal will still maintain the installer, but we are choosing to maintain this distinction for the integrity of the project.

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