Diffie Hellman key exchange implemented

If you've read the documentation for Enano, you already understand our security model. As part of my personal ongoing cryptography research projects, I have tried several times unsuccessfully to implement the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol into Javascript. Thanks to Leemon Baird's BigInt Javascript library, a test page of the Diffie-Hellman algorithm is now available on Nighthawk.

What does this mean for Enano? This means that in the next unstable release, at the cost of just a few database changes, it will be possible to completely encrypt the entire logon process, from start to finish, rendering password sniffing impossible. A considerable amount of redesign will be performed on the login page and I have plans to include an arbitrary-precision math abstraction layer called EnanoMath. It's been tested with GMP so far but I still need to test it with BCMath.

Expect some preliminary commits by Thursday or so. This is certainly an exciting step in our goal of not only improving on what already exists, but also in the Enano Project's continued innovation.

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